The First Natural Draught Cooling Tower in Greece

Project : Construction of a natural draught wet cooling tower with hyperbolicwwwccs

reinforced concrete shell

Client : Public Power Corporation (P.P.C.), Athens

Plant : Aghios Dimitrios Unit 5

Location : Aghios Dimitrios, North-West Greece

Erection Period : 1994 – 1995

Design and Supply : SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH, Ratingen

Erection : AEGEK, Athens


Technical Data

Total water flow : 39,000 m³/h

Hot water temperature : 45.77 °C

Cold water temperature : 35 °C

Wet bulb temperature : 28.58 °C

Dry bulb temperature : 28.58 °C

Wetted base area : 4,964 m²

Diameter at the base : 90 m

Total height : 120 m


This is the first natural draught cooling tower in Greece to be equipped with plastic fill. The water distribution system and the drift eliminator also consist of environment-friendly plastic and are therefore particularly resistant to corrosion.


Due to the extreme weather conditions in the mountains of Northern Greece in the winter the natural draught cooling tower is provided with a multi-sectional connection system for water distribution and a de-icing pipe.


These sections can be connected and disconnected locally or from the central control room. This ensures reliable winter operation and also facilitates maintenance and servicing of the cooling tower system.