The First International Conference in Kyiv


The First International Conference «Modernization of industrial complex of Ukraine in the cutaway of cooling systems (cooling towers), pumping equipment and energy of compressed air. World experience. Technogenic safety» was held on the 26th of September 2012 at the IEC in Kiev.


Conference was organized by engineering company «AIR FORCE» and the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Representatives of SPX Cooling Technologies and SPX ClydeUnion Pumps took part in proceedings of the Conference.


There was created a platform for effective interaction between the three key audiences industrialists and power engineers, manufacturers and suppliers and state authorities in the framework of the Conference.


Member of Parliament Taras Chornovil welcomed the delegates

“The fact that Government, in this case in the person of myself, is presented here, means that we also understand the importance of events like this, the purpose of which is the modernization of the industrial complex of Ukraine. From our side we will try to do everything about the ratification of relevant international treaties.

I can only thank the company AIR FORCE for their invitation of the representatives here not only from Ukraine but also from many other countries. I hope that we as legislators can help to assist in the implementation of the latest technological advances», – Mr. Chornovil addressed with these words.


The conference was opened by The First Vice-President of The UUIE Sergey Prokhorov

Mr. Prokhorov spoke with these words: «Question which is raised here is extremely important from the point of view of structural change. It is clear that the margin of safety of Soviet equipment has dried up and now we need new innovative solutions. Who if not a company that works with world-class equipment manufacturers can provide these solutions to industrial-energy complex of Ukraine».


The event was attended by delegates from the Ukrainian and foreign enterprises:

CJSC «Zaporozhye Titanium and Magnesium Combine», OJSC Atomenergomash, GE «GermanEquip GmbH», CJSC «Zaporizhye Iron Ore Combine», BK ASIA, Ltd. «Yahont», Energoatom, JSC «Ukrtatnafta», Poltava Mining and Processing Combine, JSC «Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant», JSC «Lugcentrokuz», CJSC «The Ural Turbine Works», «Promin», Ltd. «Energotechprom», «Radon», «Ukrinterenergo», Ltd. «Grand» and others.


The speach of the organizer of the Conference General Director LLC “AIR FORCE” Michael Sorokin

Michael Sorokin thanked the participants of the First International Conference of Manufacturers, and confidently announced his intention to make the event an annual, because of its main purpose – the exchange of valuable experience of the specialists all over the world and its transfer to the scope of the Ukrainian industry.


«Our company is designed to support the idea that we must constantly learn and bring into our country all the new and good things from the world around us. Just then we will succeed – Ukraine will be a beautiful, healthy, and clean country, «- Michael Sorokin, CEO of «AIR FORCE».


Sergey Prokhorov gave to Michael Sorokin address on behalf of the President of UUIE, Head of the Association of employers of Ukraine Anatoliy Kinakh.


There were these words: «We are interested in developing of long-term and effective solutions for upgrading industrial complex, attracting investments and facilitating of companies in the sphere of export and import of products, establishing and strengthening business connections in improving of effective usage of facilities. I am confident that this event will be a powerful engine towards the improving of the industrial complex of Ukraine».

Representatives of the major manufacturers and suppliers of world-class professionals shared the experiences and recommendations adapted to the industrial sector of Ukraine.


The representative of the corporation SPX Cooling Technologies Jerzy Kot emphasized the need of introduction of CTI certification.

Jerzy Kot in his reports underlined the need of certification of equipment as a major factor in ensuring the technological safety at enterprises, the speaker put everyone’s attention to the issue of the usage of high-quality cooling systems and cooling towers that meet the requirements of CTI.


«Ukrainian companies don’t differ from the enterprises in the EU. Ukraine already has all the standards that exist in the West. The question of modernization is not only in engineering, but also in the legislation, and the last is little late. It means that if we talk about technological safety, the nuances, the standards that exist in Europe, aren’t used in Ukraine in the full scope».


Basia Kielska, Director of Business Development, Clyde Union Pumps, France, described the particular qualities of the usage of pumping equipment taking into consideration particularities of the Ukrainian industry.

The attention of the participants was put to the issue of safety in the nuclear power industry.


Dennis Witte , the sales manager of cooling towers, SPX Cooling Technologies, Germany, in his report outlined the factors that engineers have to pay attention to during the selection and installation of equipment for its most effective and safe usage.


Following the conference, participants visited the booth of AIR FORCE company.