The First Cooling Tower with Radial Pillars

Project : Design and construction of a naturaltZUGX396LaU

draught cooling tower with hyperbolic reinforced

concrete shell and flue gas discharge system

Client : PREAG

Plant : Rostock, Unit D

Location : Rostock, Germany

Erection Period : 1991 – 1993

Design and Supply : SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH

Erection : Heitkamp


Technical Data

Total water flow : 44,400 m³/h

Hot water temperature : 29.4 °C

Cold water temperature : 18 °C

Wet bulb temperature : 8 °C

Dry bulb temperature : 10 °C

Wetted base area : 6,720 m²

Diameter at the base : 106 m

Total height : 140 m


The cooling tower is operated with water from the Baltic Sea. The water is distributed via concrete flumes and plastic pipes. Stable, high-performance trickle grids serve as cooling fill. A circular pipe installed above the air inlet on the concrete shell periphery ensures reliable operation in winter.


The drift rate is minimized by a high performance drift eliminator which consists of corrugated plastic elements. Since operation with seawater and flue gas discharge system require heavy-duty materials, only high-grade plastics and stainless steel are used on the tower.


Approximately 2 million m³/h cleaned gas are directed through the flue gas duct, 6.5 m in diameter, into the cooling tower from where the gas is discharged into the atmosphere together with the tower plume.


The shell is supported on radial pillars instead of the usual diagonal columns. This method was applied for the first time in Germany.