AIR FORCE presents a wide range of pumping equipment manufactured by SPX ClydeUnion Pumps. Pumps designs gained a worldwide reputation for its efficiency, reliability, durability and the highest quality. Each pump has a lifetime service support.


Wide range of pump products can satisfies almost any request from simple pumps for clean water to supplying pumps for nuclear power plants.


Clients provided:


• Services of nuclear development

• Seismic and environmental test and evaluation functionality

• Compliance with quality standards ASME, RCC-M,

  RCC-MX, HAF604, 10 CFR50 Appendix B Program

• Large innovative internal research and development

• Integrated proprietary software and analytical support


Brand SPX ClydeUnion Pumps is worldwide known for its reliable engineering solutions in the field of pumping equipment, honed over more than 140 years by gaining specialized knowledge and experience in several complex areas of industry, including the oil and gas industry, nuclear and electric power, water desalination and other key sectors.


We also supply spare parts for all models of pumps, from the 1800s, these brands:


• ClydeUnion Pumps

• Weir Pumps

• Clyde Pumps

• Union Pumps

• Girdlestone

• Mather & Platt

• Harland

• Drysdale

• WH Allen

• Allen Gwynnes

• David Brown Pumps

• DB Guinard Pumps