Quality Lubricants

Formulated to extend equipment life.



For the optimum compressor system operation and extended service life, FS-Elliott recommends the use of Corona Brand lubricant. FS-Elliott’s Corona engineered lubricants are specifically formulated to ensure the reliability and performance of your centrifugal compressor. Featuring extended lubricant life, excellent wear protection and superior resistance to foaming, Corona brand lubricants are offered with all new FS-Elliott centrifugal compressors.

The Corona brand consists of four different products:

coronaBlueTurbo Blue offers twice the expected life as traditional mineral oils. Our Polaris® and Industrial PAP Plus® compressors                                        are shipped pre-filled with Turbo Blue.


coronaClearTurbo Clear is a pure PAO synthetic lubricant formulated for customers who demand the maximum machinery protection technology has to offer.


coronaCleanTurbo Clean removes sludge and other contaminants between oil changes or when changing from a mineral to synthetic lubricant.


coronaiceFor those customers with supercritical applications in food processing and packaging operations we have Turbo                                          Pure, our EPA approved food grade                                            lubricant.