Happy Baby – It’s a Successful Country


Christina Trubacheva, “Nashe Misto”


The Sixth Charity Festival “Mother + Me” is held In Dnepropetrovsk.


This event is waited impatiently. Regional charity festival “Mother + me” was founded five years ago by Natalia Sivak. The event annually attracts the attention of the public and the business community to the pressing social problems of orphans, promotes adoption and other types of family-based education, provides orphans and boarding schools with targeted aid, and helps to develop and implement programs of care and support for orphans and children with special needs.


Every year the festival is gaining wider scope.

– We decided to develop it in the side of the sport, have established competition “Happy Starts” for families which have adopted children – said Natalia Sivak. – Also this year we published a booklet to help foster families and those plan to adopt a child. There will be information from our sponsors and patrons about what they can do, if they will appeal – is legal and financial support, assistance in education and employment issues …


The festival – contests, entertainment, gifts and clothing target, participation of stars. The organizers are in talks with the Klitschko brothers, Maria Sobko, Natalia Walewska, Dasha Malakhova, Eugene Konoplyanko and many other stars of sport and show business.


For five years the festival has formed active philanthropists and volunteers who constantly help. Including representatives of the business – from the directors of large enterprises to owners of small shops, city officials, and in 2010 joined the regional authorities, public organizations.


– Our decision to become a patron of the festival is associated with the future, – says General Manager of the engineering company “Aerfors” Mikhail Sorokin. – With the future of the country team. We invest in the future. For us the money – it is a tool of business, and for children – an opportunity to get an education, see the world.