FS-Elliott Sets Industry Milestone and Enhances Support to the Middle East Region

FS-Elliott becomes the first company to manufacture centrifugal air compressors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


FS-Elliott Co., LLC, a leading manufacturer of oil-free centrifugal air and gas compressors, set an industry milestone this past year by shipping the first centrifugal compressor manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Inaugurated in April 2010, FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd.began as a joint venture between FS-Elliott Co., LLC, and GAS Arabian Services Co., Ltd. with the goal of providing locally packaged, reliable, and energy-efficient air solutions to customers in the Middle East. As a result of the joint venture, FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. has provided local support to over 250 operating installations.
In December 2013, FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. completed the packaging of three Polaris industrial compressors for Saudi Airlines. The Polaris units marked the first centrifugal air compressors manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The first API style engineered units manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are scheduled to ship within the next few months. This order includes two engineered PAP Plus compressors for Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) affiliates; Al Bayroni and Ar Razi.

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers, like Saudi Airlines and SABIC, a locally built compressed air system they can count on to keep their operations running smoothly, especially during conditions of extreme heat and humidity.

“Temperatures in the Middle East often rise to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers like Saudi Airlines and SABIC a locally built compressed air system they can count on to keep their operations running smoothly, especially during conditions of extreme heat and humidity,” said Aref Al Dabal, Managing Director, FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd.

FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia, Ltd. is

Polaris Industrial Air Compressor

Polaris Industrial Air Compressor

in the process of a major equipment upgrade project with two SABIC affiliates. The SABIC affiliates will receive the Regulus Control System, a proven Programmable Logic Control (PLC) based system designed with cutting-edge processors and memory capabilities providing performance, reliability and convenience. The Regulus Control System allows operators to monitor and manage the performance of one or multiple compressors, at the unit or remotely, to meet air demands while maximizing energy savings.
Aside from adding packaging and assembly capabilities, FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. is responsible for servicing FS-Elliott’s PAP Plus and Polaris product lines. Services include rotor repair and balancing, air end overhaul, equipment upgrades and rerates, and long-term maintenance programs. “Our dedicated engineers and technicians are fully trained and qualified to offer efficient installations and startups, auxiliary upgrades, technical support, and equipment training,” said Al Dabal.
FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. has improved in-house capabilities by adding machining and painting centers to their service and manufacturing facility. “The expanded operations enable us to deliver quality and prompt services to our customers and underscores our commitment to the region,” added Al Dabal. For companies looking for extensive, hands-on training, the FS-Elliott Saudi Arabia Ltd. facility has recently added a control panel simulator, along with turbine and compressor cutout models. Customized, on-site training programs designed to help customers maximize the effectiveness of their air compressor system, are also available.

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