FS-Elliott Focuses on Energy Efficiency with the Launch of the R1000 Control System


Introducing the

The newest addition to the
Regulus® control system line

The R1000 defi nes a new category of control systems focused on increased energy effi ciency and enhanced user accessibility.

Building on FS-Elliott’s long-standing expertise in compressor control, the R1000 includes traditional auto dual and suction throttle control modes, while introducing the following features:

  • Ambient Compensation Control (ACC).
  • Pressure Band Optimization (PBO).
  • Integrated Compressor Control (ICC).
  • Enhanced connectivity & communication.
  • ndustry leading touchscreen display.


With this easy-to-use, multifaceted control system, plant operators are empowered to master one of a facility’s highest operating expenses—energy costs.




Energy Optimization
Ambient Compensation Control (ACC) automatically adjusts the compressor surge control line based on changes in ambient conditions. With the R1000, the traditionally static surge control line becomes a dynamic entity allowing the compressor to be safely controlled closer to the true surge line. This advanced feature allows operators to reduce waste by maximizing turndown and minimizing bypass air, ensuring energy savings at off -peak operation.


Operators can expect additional energy savings from the Pressure Band Optimization (PBO) feature, which assists in avoiding unnecessary discharge air by continually regulating compressor output. This feature ensures that the air produced by the compressor is optimized for effi ciency based on the minimum pressure required to meet system demand.


Integrated Networking
Integrated Compressor Control (ICC) adjusts performance by assigning lead and lag machines according to system demand. Automating a lead and lag control process
helps eliminate excessive air production, and minimize bypass air, all while reducing energy consumption.


Connectivity & Communication
Communication is essential to understand the overall health of the compressed air system. The R1000 includes advancements in connectivity that allow operators and FS-Elliott authorized service technicians to receive instant service notifi cations based on pre-determined events, alarms, and compressor trips. Proactive notifi cations minimize downtime and serve as a maintenance reminder system.


Ease of Operation
The R1000 is the fi rst controller in the industry to feature a 9-inch full touch-screen display as standard. Resembling the user interface of a tablet device, navigating the control system is an intuitive experience that simulates application based computing.


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