Cube BTC Evap Condenser

The Cube BTC forced-draft evaporative condenser represents the synergy derived from combining the efforts and strengths of two companies to create better solutions for the refrigeration industry. Cube Evaporative Condensers are the result of a unique collaboration between SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. and SGS Refrigeration, Inc. By capitalizing on the unique capabilities and strengths of two companies, Cube Evaporative Condensers offer customers several.


Robust Construction

Strong galvanized steel houses high quality mechanical and heat transfer systems. Stainless steel component options allow customization to address the most demanding environmental and service life requirements.



There are numerous evaporative condensers available that can meet your design and performance criteria. What separates the field is the level of service you can expect from your supplier. From specification review, product selection assistance and on-time delivery to installation coordination and ongoing operational support, SGS Refrigeration’s customer service and sales teams provide an extra measure of attention, know-how and commitment to your satisfaction.



SGS Refrigeration and SPX Cooling Technologies capitalized on their unique capabilities to produce and sell refrigeration products with more value for our customers. Cube Evaporative Condensers take advantage of the engineering and production strengths of our two independent companies as well as the shared business philosophy that meeting customer expectations is paramount to long term success. Customers benefit from the partnership in two ways: the Cube is a well-engineered, robust and reliable product; and the partners are committed to customer satisfaction throughout the life of the product.


Blow-Through (Forced Draft) Models

Choose from a broad selection of BTC models in 10′ and 12′ nominal widths and four nominal lengths from 12′ to 36′ to meet your specific refrigeration requirements.


UPDATE Proprietary Product Selection Software

The UPDATE product software takes the guesswork out of product selection and helps specifiers of refrigeration systems evaluate several product configurations and criteria in order to make informed choices.


Manufactured in America

The Cube Evaporative Condenser is totally fabricated and assembled at SPX and SGS manufacturing plants in the U.S. From tube production and bending, welding, parts fabrication and assembly, condenser components are produced, inspected, assembled and performance-tested to our high standards
of quality.


Nationwide Support

The SGS network of sales and service specialists are ready to provide you the most responsive and knowledgeable airside refrigeration products support across the United States. Rely on us for expert selection, installation and operational assistance. Visit to locate your SGS technical representative.


Strong Galvanized Steel Construction

The high quality mechanical components and refrigeration coils are safely housed in heavy-duty galvanized steel to ensure corrosion protection, low maintenance and long life. Submerged areas are bolted or welded to minimize potential for leaks; tap screws are not used in submerged areas.


Stainless Steel Options

When environmental and design conditions dictate, heavy gauge stainless steel water collection basins and other structural components may be specified.


Clog-Resistant Water Distribution System

Self-draining spray headers and large orifice spray nozzles help prevent debris build-up and clogging. Self-draining spray headers limit potential ice buildup when not operational; spray nozzles mount to the bottom of the spray pipes.


Large Access Doors

Located on opposite walls, the rectangular doors provide easy access to the inside of the unit.