Cooling towers

The engineering company AIR FORCE has a successful experience of supply and reconstruction of cooling towers. It’s a representative office of SPX Cooling Technologies Company in Ukraine.


Company AIR FORCE supplies cooling towers with the highest productivity in the world (from 83 m3/h to 980 m3/h) and the best indicators of specific consumption, performance and compactness in the class.


Cooling towers are presented with factory assembled and field assembled, which installation carries out on the site of their further usage, for example, natural draft cooling towers. Up to 200 experts are involved in the creating process of each this item. Cooling towers operate reliably including the cold seasons; also they are economical in terms of operating costs.


AIR FORCE and SPX Cooling Technologies aims to maximize the productivity and efficiency of cooling towers.


Company SPX Cooling Technologies has more than 100 years of experience in design and construction of natural draft cooling towers up to 200m.