Our Business

The Company’s mission is a modernization of industrial complex of Ukraine, by providing high-quality services and the best equipments in the world.


Engineering company AIR FORCE is a supplier of advanced technologies and solutions in the field of cooling systems of production cycles and energy of compressed air.


The Company offers industrial design, supply and installation of cooling towers, pumps, centrifugal and screw compressors, blowers and heat exchangers. Also Company provides services after equipment installation.


Areas of activity:

• Project bureau with “turnkey” projects

• Cooling Towers and systems

• Compressors

• Pumps for energy and manufacturing industries

• Pneumatic and heat-exchange equipment

• Energy audit

• Service


Project Office with license number 577321 AG

• Development of detailed design of construction of new

compressor and pump stations, cooling towers

• Development of detailed design of retrofitting and modernization

of technological equipment

• Design of industrial, engineering, administrative and domestic

purpose projects at industrial enterprises

• Design of internal and external engineering networks

• Project support for passing the state expertise

• Industrial Construction

• Author and Technical Supervision


Within each branch of activity there are specialists, work of which is aimed to the fast and quality solution of assigned tasks.

Specialization allows each department solve complex and unique in terms of technology tasks quickly and efficiently and managing projects successfully.


All offers of the company are based on the basic principles:

• Energy efficiency

• Energy saving

• Optimization of investments

• Technogenic safety




• The care and attention to the needs of the customer.


• Implementation of meaningful to the customer trends.


• Guarantee of high quality services and equipment through the responsible qualified personnel and the world’s top manufacturers of compressor and pump systems, cooling systems and cooling towers.


• Energy and speed in decision-making and operations.

Innovative design solutions and equipment offered by constant research, education, development and cooperation with world leaders – innovators.


• Service is at international standards of quality. Any problems can be solved in time. Service support and advice at all stages of the project 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Working with us is easy as breathing!