22 Years of Correct Operation at the Power Station

Project : Natural draught wet cooling towercnlT9Mu1FuQ

with flue gas discharge system

Client : PreussenElektra

Plant : Staudinger Power Station Unit 5

Location : Staudinger Power Station Unit 5

Erection Period : 1991

Design and Supply : SPX Cooling Technologies GmbH

Erection and supervision : Heitkamp


Technical Data

Total water flow : 44,388 m³/h

Hot water temperature : 29,4 °C

Cold water temperature : 18 °C

Wet bulb temperature : 8 °C

Dry bulb temperature : 10 °C

Wetted base area : 6,720 m²

Diameter at the base : 106 m

Total height : 140 m


The cooling tower serves to cool the water from the main cooling circuit. The water is distributed via a system of reinforced concrete risers and distribution flumes with secondary distribution pipes made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester.

Heat exchange takes place according to the counter flow principle in a high performance cooling fill made of thermoplastic material. To minimize the drift rate, a drift eliminator consisting of corrugated elements is arranged above the water distribution system.

Proper functioning during the winter and under low load conditions is ensured by partial isolating cooling tower sections and by installing a circular pipe at the lower rim of the shell.

1.7 million m³/h cleaned flue gas are conveyed to the cooling tower via a GRP duct, dia. 6.5 m, and discharged into the atmosphere together with the cooling tower plume. Sound attenuators made of seawater-resistant aluminium are installed on the air inlet side to comply with the noise level requirements imposed for the location.

As clean gas is discharged with the cooling tower plume it was necessary to coat the inner shell surface and to use high-grade stainless steel inside the tower.